The world’s premier super-hero team founded in 1989 by Streamline and Steel Sentinel of the Living Legends. The new team was created to deal with the problems Earth faced in the aftermath of the Eclipse War. With it’s membership seriously depleted after the War, The Living Legends needed to focus their time and energies on future threats from outside Earth’s solar system. In order to meet the more pressing issues facing the world, it was decided that a new team would be needed to ‘watch over’ Earth’s citizens.

The team operates out of OverWatch Tower, located in Sentinel City.

Steel Sentinel became the first WatchMaster of OverWatch and an aggressive recruitment plan was put into motion to locate and train the next generation of heroes.

Today, the team boasts more than 40 members and is currently led by the Guardian Angel.

The team is split into ‘mission groups’ which usually consist of 4-6 members.

Leadership of OverWatch is determined by secret ballot and a leader serves a term of four years after which they must run for re-election.

The leader is entitled WatchMaster.

OverWatch Current Roster

  1. Arrowhawk
  2. Bestiary
  3. Black Carapace
  4. Black Ice
  5. Black Lotus
  6. Blue Macaw
  7. Claymore
  8. Crescendo
  9. Deadlock
  10. Dervish
  11. Dragon Claw
  12. Dwarfstar
  13. Eagle Eye
  14. E M P
  15. Fade Away
  16. Fire Tiger
  17. Fly Boy
  18. Glamer
  19. Guardian Angel
  20. H E R C
  21. Hydrant
  22. Impacto
  23. Jetstream
  24. Ultrasound
  25. Lady Origami
  26. Largesse
  27. Lead Soldier
  28. Lightwave
  29. Livingstone the Gargoyle
  30. Madame Butterfly
  31. Memory Man
  32. Neutronus
  33. Occulus
  34. O V N I
  35. Power Plant
  36. Praetorian
  37. Roman Johnson
  38. Runestone
  39. Stronghold
  40. Techs Mech
  41. Upheaval
  42. Ultrasound
  43. Vigil
  44. The Wombat


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