Johnny Awesome

Real Name: Johnny Orson

Identity: Public

Occupation: Super-hero and former Olympic gold medal winning short distance runner

Base of Operations: Orson Manor

Affiliation: Awesome Foursome

Height: 5’ 11"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Weight: 150 lbs

Known Powers: Super-Speed, Super-Friction, Leaping

Known Weaknesses: None

Johnny Awesome is the alias of the brash, over-confident former short distance runner of Johnny Orson.
After Johnny’s chance encounter with Dr Eugen X at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and subsequent transformation into the super-hero he is today, which is discussed here in full, the young athlete and his three super-powered cohorts became the Awesome Foursome.
As the leader of the Foursome, Johnny is a charismatic, if slightly overbearing individual who prides himself on being a ‘clean-living role-model’ to all the kids he thinks aspire to be like him. The truth is, Johnny’s popularity has waned in the intervening years, with newer, more impressive heroes now taking the lime light.
Aided over the years by his sister, the ‘ice-maiden’ herself, Jenny Awesome, the brimstone-skinned Hot Rock and counseled by Auton, the team’s robotic assistant, the ‘spectacular speedster’ has thwarted the plans of their arch-nemesis The Superiors and their leader’s twisted maniacal goal to ‘elevate the human race’ to ‘super-powered greatness’.

Johnny Awesome

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