Jenny Awesome

Real Name: Jenny Orson

Identity: Public

Occupation: Super-hero, former Olympic ice skating champion

Base of Operations: Orson Manor

Affiliation: Awesome Foursome

Height: 5’ 6"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Weight: 95 lbs

Known Powers: Body transforms into super-hard ice. Fires ice blasts from fingertips and can generate objects made of ice (including her signature ‘ice skates’) and snow by emitting a sub-zero field that freezes water molecules in the air around her

Known Weaknesses: Heat and fire

Sister of the brash and overconfident Johnny Awesome and a member of the Awesome Foursome, Jenny was once a champion ice skater. Her life and that of her brother’s and their friend, Bulgravian weight-lifter Sergey Borislav would change inconceivably during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada (discussed here in full).
After the ordeal that allowed her to turn her body at will into hardened ice, Jenny and her brother, along with Bulgravian weight-lifter Sergey Borislav and the robotic assistant Auton formed the Foursome and began waging their long campaign against the evil minions of The Superiors.
Jenny Orson‘s personality is as icy as her powers are. Her cerulean hued eyes and fair skinned attractiveness has won the hearts of many an admirer, especially amongst those in the super human community. Her brother Johnny is fiercely protective of his sister’s interests, even though he knows she can take care of herself. It’s not unusual for Johnny to whiz by a couple of times whenever his younger sibling’s out on a date. Even the team’s arch nemesis Dr Eugen X has attempted to melt the heart of Sentinel City’s ‘ice maiden’.

Jenny Awesome

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