Hot Rock

Real Name: Sergey Borislav

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Super-hero and former Olympic weight lifter for the Bulgravian team

Base of Operations: Orson Manor

Affiliation: Awesome Foursome

Height: 6’ 6"

Eyes: White

Hair: None/Fire

Weight: A lot

Known Powers: Permanent brimstone armoured skin, super-strength, leaping, can fire blasts of fire and heat from his fingertips, can generate a shield of fire emanating from his body.

Known Weaknesses: Extreme cold environments

Sergey Borislav was born under the oppressive rule of the Communist State of Bulgravia, a little known eastern european country. From an early age, the young Borislav was fascinated by stories he’d heard about the life of freedom enjoyed by those living the west, especially the US.
At school, Sergey wasn’t very academic, but being raised on a farm had made the boy strong for his age. During a school sports event, Borislav actually managed to lift a plough off the ground, an immense feat for two men, let alone a 16 year old youth. Seeing the potential he had for physical greatness, Sergey’s sports teacher introduced the boy to the Bulgravian Olympic Comittee. He jumped at the chance to fulfill his dreams of visiting western democratic countries in order to compete against them. Soon, he was being put through a strict training regime in order to prepare him for the forthcoming Olympics to be held that year in Montreal Canada.
At the Olympics, the young Borislav enjoyed himself tremendously. The usually quiescent and hard-working youth was so excited to be in a different country that he threw himself into all manner of activities that the Bulgravian Commitee disaproved of. During a visit to a party held at the Olympic Village, Sergey met and befriended the US short distance champion Johnny Orson and his sister and ice skating medallist Jenny Orson. This meeting would prove to be the first in a series of fateful events that would lead up to the three becoming empowered with super-normal abilities (the full details of which are discussed here).
After Sergey’s transformation into the permanently brimstone plated hero codenamed Hot Rock, the youth went through a brief bout of depression. Frustrated by the fact that he would never again look the way he once did and completely enamoured with the beauty of his new team mate Jenny Orson, Hot Rock sought out a way to rid himself of his ‘disfigurement’. Seeking out the The Quantum Mechanic whom had been there when the Foursome were, Sergey begged the genius-level quantum theorist to aid him. But the Mechanic was unable to help, stating that those who had been exposed to the ever-lasting effects of Cascade Energy could only rid themselves of it one way: death. Out of sheer desperation, the ‘brimstone bruiser’ even turned to the team’s arch enemy Dr Eugen X for a cure to his condition. The evil geneticist falsely promised a cure, though in return, he wanted Hot Rock to capture the other members of the Foursome. Acting with other members of the Dr.‘s force The Superiors, the rock covered rampager carried out his task and almost came close to losing his friends forever. This dreadful period of his life made Sergey aware of just what he could have lost due to his own vanity and selfishness. He vowed once reparations were made to Orson’s, that he was a member of the Awesome Foursome for life and nothing would change that again.

Hot Rock

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