The Quantum Mechanic

Real Name: William Sprague

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Quantum physicist, superhero

Base of Operations: Sentinel Station

Affiliation: The Living Legends

Height: 5’ 11"

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Weight: 130 lbs

Known Powers: Genius-level intellect

Known Weaknesses: None

The Quantum Mechanic possesses the highest intellect of any member of the superhero team the Living Legends. His incredible inventions have led to some of the biggest innovations in technology ever. He also adapted and improved alien devices captured during the Eclipse War for domestic and military uses.

During the war, The Quantum Mechanic lost one of his true friends, Occulus during a recon mission to the moon of Titan.

William Sprague has achieved great academic success in his life which has drawn both admirers and detractors. Dr. Eugene Xander, a famous geneticist, stole Sprague’s Nobel prize winning dimensional research. Xander transformed himself into a super-being as a result of this theft and became the Mechanic’s chief arch-nemesis Dr Eugen X.

Today the Mechanic maintains his Sentinel Station, orbiting Jupiter acting in the capacity of the team’s inventor/gadgeteer. Whenever some strange technology is discovered, The Quantum Mechanic is never far away.

Origin of The Quantum Mechanic

The Quantum Mechanic

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