Origin of Dr Eugen X

Son of Austrian Nazi party officials, young Eugene Xander was placed in an orphanage for his own safety shortly before the end of WWII. His parents knew the allies would come for them eventually and wanted their son far away from them when the end came.

Eugene was adopted by an american surgeon in the medical corp. and brought back to his home town of Sentinel City after the war.

When he was 18 years old, Eugene Xander was told about his true parentage from his adopted father. Ever curious, the youth set out to find his real parents. His worst fears about his parent’s fate was soon realized when he learned that the allies had found two Nazi supporters hiding out in an old church in Italy and hung them from a nearby tree.

Coming back to the US, his heart brimming with rage at what his adopted country had done to his biological parents, Eugene turned against his new family and threw himself into the pursuit of really discovering what beliefs his real parents actually held.

Learning of the Nazi obsession with race and the misguided theory that one race had the right to dictate over all others, the young Xander began to develop a burgeoning interest in genetics. Years later, Xander would leave Sentinel State University with a first class degree and a passion to improve upon the Nazi ideal of one genetically superior race into the advancement of all humanity.
Geneticist Dr. Eugene Xander had watched from the sidelines as the young William Sprague, genius-level physicist beat him to the Nobel prize he believed was rightfully his. Xander began to foment a plan to bring the physicist down a rung or two on the ladder of success.

Xander was also obsessed by the possibilities of other dimensions. Stealing Sprague’s research into the subject, Xander soon discovered that his rival believed there were ‘weak spots’ in space-time that allowed dimensions to ‘leak’ into each other at these points. The key was to find one of these weak spots and see what was on the other side. After nearly five years of trial and error, Dr. Xander finally built a device that could detect these ‘weak spots’ from a distance of up to a mile away. Discovering such a spot in the heart of Sentinel City, Eugene stood at what he had detected as the epicenter of this rip in the fabric of space-time. He could see or hear nothing in this area, but his body informed him otherwise.

The invisible energy pouring out the ‘hole’ from the other dimension into this one began to transform the doctor’s body. Scared by the rapid changes affecting him physically, Eugene began to run from the spot. Unfortunately he ran straight into the middle of a road during rush hour. The bus that hit him should have killed him instantly. Instead, his body survived miraculously, though the bus fared less well in the process. His flesh had turned into some kind of metallic substance the moment the bus hit him, leaving him unscathed. Xander was launched unharmed from the impact and sent headlong down a nearby manhole into the sewer below. As he hit the water, his body transformed again, this time, becoming scaly like that of a fish. Gills formed along his neck and webs grew between his fingers as he thrashed around in the water.

After his short panic was over, the possibilities that the powers he must have obtained from that ‘hole’ in space-time he’d discovered, began to dawn on him. He’d been given the power of Adaptation to survive in any environment or situation he encountered.

Rejecting his Nazi influenced parents narrow-minded view that only one particular race had the right to advance to a higher level was driven from his mind. Over time, his goal became to not only advance humanity, but advance it in a manner of his own devising. With this final jump in irrational logic, Xander had goose-stepped his way over the narrow boundary between genius and madness. In the process of leaving behind rational for the crazed ideology befitting the child of Nazi extremists, Dr. Eugene Xander became Dr Eugen X and retreated from the very race he once sought to help.

Origin of Dr Eugen X

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