Real Name: Saul Robeson

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Mentor, superhero

Base of Operations: OverWatch Tower

Affiliation: OverWatch

Height: 6’ 3"

Eyes: white

Hair: None

Weight: 160 lbs

Known Powers: Super-Senses (Audio/Visual including Dark Vision, Nightvision, Infra-Red Vision, X-Ray Vision etc.

Known Weaknesses: None

Occulus was born Saul Robeson, the third son of an African-American Christian missionary. He was a quiet, inquiring child with a serene disposition and a calm, analytical way of looking at the world. He wasn’t given to the angst-ridden displays for attention that was common amongst his peers. Like his father, Saul was a natural teacher and often taught the children of the various missionaries that he lived in subjects like the english language and ancient history.

Another unusual thing about Saul was the fact that his visual and auditory senses were so finely attuned, he could hear the proverbial pin drop. He could also see that very pin drop even if it was dropped miles away from him (providing he had line of sight to it). It was this very ability which got him noticed by the young William Sprague (before he went on to become The Quantum Mechanic). William, a child genius, was helping his father, a civil engineer, install an irrigation system to aid farmers in Uganda. Saul befriended the older boy when he demonstrated his uncanny abilities by alerting the irrigation project camp of the approach of bandits.

William and his father were afforded enough time to camouflage the irrigation pipes and camp. Thanks to Saul’s alert, the bandits passed by the area and the camp remained undetected.

Over the years, Saul and William’s friendship grew. When they were in their early 20’s and after they’d both gained a certain amount of notoriety due to their special talents, Steel Sentinel accepted them as full-fledged members of the Living Legends. Overnight, they became Occulus and The Quantum Mechanic respectively and demonstrated their effectiveness as team mates straight away.

Tragedy On Titan

More recently, during the event known as the Eclipse War, a great tragedy was to befall Occulus. Whilst on a lone recon mission to the moon of Titan, Occulus was ambushed by unknown aliens from the ShadowStar Legion. Titan’s thick atmosphere impeded his super senses as to be almost useless. He never saw or heard his ambushers approach until it was too late. The intense radiation from nearby Jupiter interfered with the distress call Occulus sent out for backup.

It was only due to his long-standing friendship with William Sprague which prompted The Quantum Mechanic to begin searching for him despite calls from Streamline and the other Legends to the contrary. They’d agreed with Occulus beforehand that if he got into difficulties, he’d be on his own. It was suspected that an important ShadowStar base was located under Titan’s surface, one too well equipped to deal with interlopers.

Going against orders, William set out on a lone mission to find and possibly rescue his friend. Flying to Titan in his invisible void-suit, The Quantum Mechanic landed on Titan’s surface and began the long search. After avoiding several patrols, William picked up a faint but unmistakable human bio signal. When he arrived, it was far too late. What was left of his friend had been exposed to the deadly Titan atmosphere. William brought the remains back and almost activated his experimental Chrono Gate. He desperately wanted to go back in time to prevent the death of his friend. Steel Sentinel calmed him down and suggested that the Mechanic focus his energies on restoring the memory of Occulus in some way.

William worked tirelessly to incorporate what he knew of his friend into a fully interactive, sentient holographic A.I. facsimile of his friend. When the Steel Sentinel founded the OverWatch programme, he was delighted to have the Occulus A.I. installed in OverWatch Tower. From there Saul’s sage advice and wry wit would inform and advise the next generation of heroes coming through the ranks.
And most importantly, his memory would live on.


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