Mayor Taylor Handford

A former professional wrestler and occasional movie actor/stuntman, Taylor Handford’s ambition knows no bounds. Inspired by a certain Austrian-born governor, Taylor retired from the world of wrestling to walk the political campaign trail. Due to support from his adoring fans, Handford has managed to take the office of Mayor in Sentinel City.

Although his politics are extremely conservative, the former wrestler secretly harbors a generosity as big as his impressive frame and regularly donates money to numerous charities. The side of his persona the public get to see is quite the opposite. The Mayor portrays himself as a tough, no-nonesense go-getter whose tough on crime and reticent to increase local taxes.

It’s well known he’s no real fan of the super-heroes that live in his city. An example of this would be his original election campaign featuring the slogan “It’s time for real heroes” accompanied by an image with a paramedic, a fireman and a police officer. His derisive views on the issue are often expressed loudly and in public, often blaming super-battles for rising taxes in the city due to the enormous repair bills that follow them.

His detractors usually pin the blame for his Mayor’s harsh oppinions on the widely-held belief that these heroes directly resulted in a lack of interest in professional wrestling over the years. It’s thought that due to this lack of interest, Handford’s lucrative wrestling contract was terminated early. leaving him bitter and resentful of ‘costumed types’.
Handford sports the same ‘gringo’ style mustache and a bald pate he had during his glory days in the ring. He’s fond of cuban cigars and is hardly ever seen without one.

During the events of The Pinocchio Effect Handford lost a live televised debate with an OverWatch Mission Group hosted on Sentinel Network News by Susan Whitmore. Goaded into losing his temper on air, the mayor’s approval rating dropped dramatically after the show and has dipped further ever since. Rumours abound that Roman Johnson one of the OverWatch members involved in that debate, put his points so successfully to the Mayor, that he’s now considering running for the position himself when Handford’s term ends.

Mayor Taylor Handford

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