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OverWatch Campaign Primer

Check this page for links to all the important information of the campaign including adventure summaries, main PC and NPC bio’s, affiliations and locales.

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Dramatis Personae

Our heroes of the hour…

OverWatch Member PC APEX Teen PC Player
H E R C Primal Gopher
O V N I Shortcut Colin
Livingstone The Gargoyle Lupine Will
Roman Johnson Fabustar Ollie
E M P Saviour Dan

Important Campaign Links

Main NPCs Organizations Locations
Guardian Angel (Hero NPC)

Occulus (Hero NPC)
OverWatch OverWatch Tower
Principle Guide AKA Guide Light (Hero NPC) APEX Institute Sentinel City
Steel Sentinel (Hero NPC)

Streamline (Hero NPC)

The Quantum Mechanic (Hero NPC)
Living Legends Sentinel Station
Johnny Awesome (Hero NPC) Awesome Foursome Orson Manor
Todd Murphy (NPC)

Evan Murphy (NPC)
N/A Wilmington Heights
Quentin Cave (NPC) N/A Comics Cave
Mayor Taylor Handford (NPC) N/A Mayoral Mansion
Richard Ramos (NPC) DNAgency 191 Sentinel Square
Dr Eugen X (Villain NPC) The Superiors Zenith Fortress
Web Master (Villain NPC) Criminal Web Web Nexus

The Cascade

Mysterious energy source thought to be the source of all super-powers in the Sentinel Metaverse.

The story so far…

Scenario Title
Issue #1 The Pinocchio Effect
Issue #2 Long Shadows

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