History of Sentinel City

Founding the City

Sentinel City’s humble beginnings started as ramshackle wooden huts erected mid-way through the 17th century by Dutch merchants who recognized the areas strategic value to trade routes. The native tribe of Mohawks that had used the site to bury their dead took great umbrage to the Dutch settlers. A viscious but short lived struggle ensued, with the settlers eventually securing victory but at a high price: over 700 colonists were slain in the brief conflict. The Mowhawk nation took the defeat bitterly, calling on their ancestor spirits buried deep below the ground to rise up and curse the foreign invaders. Months passed, with no sign of retribution forthcoming on the Dutch. The Mowhawks gave up and left the area, believing their spirit guides had deserted them.
The origin of the city’s name can be traced back to this early period. Sentinel was derived from the moniker adopted by one of it’s colonists Jacob Van Howe, a blacksmith and part-time militia man. During the conflicts with the native Mohawk tribe over right to settle in the area, Van Howe, a enthusiast for all thing medieval, designed and built a suit of protective armour inspired by the knights of old. His influence in struggles and his near iconic status as the one called Iron Sentinel was enough to ensure his name would live on as the city’s own.
In a complete turnaround shortly after the settlers won their land, Jacob began to feel great sorrow at the plight of the native peoples he had helped oust from the land they called their own. He began to secretly aid the Mowhawk rebuild their lives with his skills as a blacksmith. During this time, history hints at a relationship developing between Van Howe and the Native American female shaman known only as the Stormhawk. Rumours circulated at the time that the ‘witch’ had placed some sort of ‘spell’ over the smith, as a way to explain his complete change of heart reagrding the native peoples. Whatever the reality of the situation was, the truth of the matter has never been substantiated.

Soldier of Iron and the Storm Witch

In 1777, during the American War of Independence, the city was targeted by the British military as a valuable asset to the war effort. Once again Jacob Van Howe, now in his 60’s, donned his Iron Sentinel armour (though this time with some remarkable upgrades by all accounts) in defence of the city.
He was joined unexpectedly by the shaman Stormhawk who had left her people to fight at his side. Accounts at the time joyfully recount the looks of abject terror the British soldiers wore on their faces as a hulking suit of armour and a flying female native dispensing electricity from her fingertips tore through their ranks.
The british routed to what was later to become known as Crone Island during the last battle just off the mainland. Rumours again told how Stormhawk settled on the island giving it it’s name and warded it from further invasion by the British.

The War On Crime

When the Living Legends were first formed in 1947, their charter was forged in City Hall. Although their main base of operations, Legends Lair was located in the caverns of an old mine just outside the city limits, the team often conducted most of their business in the city.
The group were instrumental in rounding up several petty criminal gangs during the late forties to late fifties. In addition, many schemes of Dr. Eugene Xander AKA Doctor Eugen X and his team of super borne villians the Superiors often involved the city and it’s residents.

History of Sentinel City

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