APEX Institute

The APEX Institute (Adolescent Power EXperiment) is a government sponsored programme set up as a joint venture between OverWatch and the US government.

Explosive Foundations

The Institute was formed as a direct result of the Clayton Act in 1993. Sentinel State Senator Kenneth Clayton championed the notion of identifying those with super-powers early enough in their development in order to educate and mentor them through that difficult period. The primary goal of the act was to prevent these children from becoming crime statistics. Discovery of powers beyond their control often led many of these children down the wrong path.

Senator Clayton’s reasons for proposing such a institution weren’t entirely altruistic.

Clayton’s own son was a super borne (an individual born with natural super abilities). Codenamed Catalyst, the teenage Clayton had gone on the run from the family home after he accidentally emitted reagents during a school chemistry class. The resulting explosion ripped through the class room, destroying the school and killing many of young Clayton’s classmates. Surviving the conflagration, Clayton fled the scene and never returned to the family home from that day forward. It was rumoured that a new villain called Catalyst had been working with known terrorist groups though nothing could be substantiated.

Because of this personal embarrassment, Senator Clayton realized that if a criminal super borne could belong to his family, then the same thing could happening to other families right across the world. The Clayton Act garnered tremendous political support and was made law almost as quickly as it was formulated.

Work Experience

The Institute is situated in a leafy suburb of Sentinel State. The government bought an old private school called Haversham’s Academy and renovated it with all the amenities a school for the super borne would need. A multi-functional gym and swimming pool (with variable gravity generators), dormitories keyed to individuals needs (including intelligent temperature/climate controls) and ‘play ground’ (holographic chamber modeled on OverWatch Tower‘s Challenge Chamber were all installed.

As part of their final year’s exams, all undergraduates must attend a ‘work experience programme’. Each youngster is sent to OverWatch Tower and assigned to a Mission Group. From there, they are expected to aid in the group’s missions, gaining first hand experience and knowledge of the heroic career that awaits them upon graduation. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for Mission Groups to saddle the ‘newbies’ with the more undesirable or embarrassing jobs, just to let them know whose in charge. These up-and-comers are often referred to as the APEX Teens by the older fraternity.

APEX Institute Current Roster

Current Principle: Guide Light

  1. Absorbo
  2. Animorph
  3. Ant X
  4. Afterthought
  5. Binder
  6. Bog Down
  7. Bright Spark
  8. Decibelle
  9. Downsize
  10. Dual
  11. Fabustar
  12. Flak
  13. Flux
  14. Grid Iron
  15. Half Blood
  16. Jello Teen
  17. Jump Start
  18. Lightspeed Lad
  19. Lupine
  20. Monitor
  21. Principle Guide AKA Guide Light
  22. Primal
  23. Raster Blaster
  24. Saviour
  25. Serpent Teen
  26. Shortcut
  27. Snow Blind
  28. Speedway
  29. Teenrager
  30. Thunderchild
  31. Voodude AKA Voodoom
  32. Water Sprite
  33. Weather Girl

APEX Institute

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