O.V.N.I. started life as ####, a mild mannered country doctor in his home country of Mexico. Neither fame nor fortune beckoned; he had his work and the patients in his community to care for; this was enough for him and he was happy.

All this changed one night, as he was returning home from a housecall. While traveling along a quiet country road, his car stalled, and was then bathed in a beam of blinding white light from above. The last thing he remembered was seeing the silhouettes of small childlive figures approaching the vehicle from out of the light…

When he awoke, it was morning. He could recall nothing of the events of the previous night, but his ‘visitors’ had left him some gifts; a strange silver suit and jetpack (with fins and all), and a device which looked like a space age ray gun! As he examined them, a voice seemed to whisper in his mind… “use them wisely”… (except in Spanish, of course…). Despite the words, he could not help but wonder if there was perhaps some far reaching plan at work here; why had he been chosen to wield these items of power?

Pushing his doubts to the back of his mind, Dr #### assumed the role of Mexico’s Silver Spaceman as best he could. Taking the name O.V.N.I. (Objeto Volador No Identificado; Spanish for U.F.O., it seemed appropriate), the good doctor set out to do… well, good really… The jetpack allowed him to travel quickly to where help was needed, the suit and its silver helmet give him some telepathic powers and the ‘ray gun’ did more than fire death rays; with practice he could use its energy to both heal and harm, allowing him to protect and rescue as well as chase down the bad guys.

However he could not help but feel that there was more that he could do to help the peoples of the world. To the north was a country full of dumb Norte Americanos who he could be helping too; the lights of the big city beckoned…

Los Americanos have been a little less welcoming than he’d hoped. Although he has joined OverWatch, he is still seem by many as a ‘second tier’ hero. And they keep getting his name wrong, calling him UFOnought! Dumb gringos… they don’t speeka de lingo and are not even buying the comicbook retelling of his exploits! At least they haven’t asked about the Green Card yet…

Known Enemies
The Mexican Villan The Hombrain is O.V.N.I.‘s arch enemy, although not much is known about him or his powers; he has had little impact ’north of the border’ yet and O.V.N.I. prefers not to speak of him to his collegues… perhaps indicating some dark secret in his past.


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