Dr Eugen X

image.jpgReal Name: Dr. Eugene Xander

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Geneticist, superhero

Base of Operations: Zenith Fortress

Affiliation: The Superiors

Height: 6’

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Weight: 110 lbs

Known Powers: Adaptation (able to adapt his body to survive in any environment or from any attack)

Known Weaknesses: None

Dr. Eugene Xander AKA Dr. Eugen X is a talented geneticist whose misguided principles were intended to aid humanity to ascend to it’s next evolutionary level, but finally resulted in him being branded a super_humanist.

The scientist developed super-powers accidentally, after discovering a ‘hole’ in space-time that leaked mysterious energy called Cascade Energy from another dimension into ours.

Given the power of adaptation and having a body that could change instantly to cope with any physical challenge, the doctor became all the more enamoured at the prospect of ‘helping’ his fellow humans to attain the levels he had. This line of thinking soon brought him into conflict with The Quantum Mechanic and the other members of the Living Legends.
Forming a team of like-minded miscreants around him aptly named the The Superiors, Dr. Eugene Xander became Dr. Eugen X whose once noble goal was twisted into a cruel parody of itself. He would endeavour to advance humanity to his own whims and desires, whether they wanted his ‘gifts’ or not.

Origin of Dr Eugen X

Dr Eugen X

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