Tag: phrases


  • super borne

    An individual born with natural super abilities is referred to as a 'super borne'.
    There is a popular misconception that being born with amazing powers somehow makes the individual genetically superior to those who acquire their powers artificially. …

  • accidents

    Individuals who acquire their powers via an accident or experiment are often referred to derisively as 'accidents' by [[super borne]].
    Despite the fact that the term is purely colloquial and has no basis in fact whatsoever, some who've been born …

  • APEX Teens

    APEX Teens is the colloquial term used to describe the young students of the [[APEX Institute]].
    It is also a title of an 'in-universe' comicbook avidly read by many readers in [[Sentinel City]].

  • super_humanist

    One who is described as a super-humanist believes in the rightful place of super-humans to rule over their 'lesser' human brethren. [[Dr Eugen X]] the super-villain leader of the [[Superiors]] has often wrongly branded with the label super-humanist. He …