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  • OverWatch

    The world's premier super-hero team founded in 1989 by [[Streamline]] and [[Steel Sentinel]] of the [[Living Legends]]. The new team was created to deal with the problems Earth faced in the aftermath of the [[Eclipse War]]. With it's membership seriously …

  • APEX Institute

    The APEX Institute (Adolescent Power EXperiment) is a government sponsored programme set up as a joint venture between OverWatch and the US government. h4. Explosive Foundations
    The Institute was formed as a direct result of the [[Clayton Act]] …

  • Living Legends

    The Living Legends are the world's oldest and most experienced super-hero team. Originally based in caverns inside an old mine dubbed the [[Legends Lair]], the hero group now operates from a heavily shielded space station called [[Sentinel Station]] …

  • APEX Teens

    APEX Teens is the colloquial term used to describe the young students of the [[APEX Institute]].
    It is also a title of an 'in-universe' comicbook avidly read by many readers in [[Sentinel City]].

  • Sentinel Network News

    Sentinel Network News (SNN) is [[Sentinel City]]'s main 24 hour news channel.
    Popular reporters like [[Susan Whitmore]] bring live and informative interviews to the public.
    SNN prides itself as being one of the only politically neutral news …

  • Awesome Foursome

    Organization Name: Awesome Foursome
    Base Of Operations: Orson Manor
    Prominent Members:
    * [[Johnny Awesome]]
    * [[Jenny Awesome]]
    * [[Hot Rock]]
    * [[Auton]]

    The Awesome Foursome were formed back …

  • The Superiors

    h4. *The Superiors Current Roster* # [[Dr Eugen X]] # [[Mother Superior]] # [[The Vanquisher]] # [[Death Ray]] # [[Power Play]] # [[Man Mountain]] # [[Time Warp]] # [[Ground Zero]] # [[Blockade]] # [[Corona]] # [[Frost Bite]] # [[Null and …