Tag: Super-Villain


  • Dr Eugen X

    [[File:712768 | class=media-item-align-right | 300px | image.jpg]]*Real Name:* Dr. Eugene Xander
    *Identity:* Secret
    *Occupation:* Geneticist, superhero
    *Base of Operations:* Zenith Fortress
    *Affiliation:* The Superiors
    * …

  • Adder Man

    Burt Freeman was an unscrupulous treasure hunter whose illustrious career started out in the mid 1920's.
    Enjoying a jet-setting lifestyle, Freeman mixed with the rich and infamous, stealing ancient relics by day and playing the part of international …

  • Groundpounder

    Dallas Crowe was always a big for his age. Growing up on a farm in a sleep town in Iowa, Dallas's physical brawn came in handy.
    But the boy craved more adventure from life than his father's farmstead could provide. Being the size he was, it seemed …

  • Shok Dok

    Barry Clemence graduated at the top of his class at Sentinel State University majoring in electrical engineering. His academic success soon led to financial success when he marketed a new, highly efficient electrical generator that he'd personally …