Tag: Personalities


  • Quentin Cave

    Quentin is a Skinny 30 something over-enthusiastic and slightly hyperactive comicbook geek who is the proprietor of [[The Comics Cave]], [[Sentinel City]]'s premier outlet for super-hero merchandize.
    Tall with light brown hair, Quentin's appearance …

  • Roddy_Cobweb_Montoya

    Roddy 'Cobweb' Montoya is the unobtrusive part-time biology student and shop assistant at the [[The Comics Cave]], a major comic emporium in [[Sentinel City]].
    The 'Cobweb' nickname refers to Roddy's wardrobe. His college friends noticed his penchant …

  • Mayor Taylor Handford

    A former professional wrestler and occasional movie actor/stuntman, Taylor Handford's ambition knows no bounds. Inspired by a certain Austrian-born governor, Taylor retired from the world of wrestling to walk the political campaign trail. Due to support …

  • Susan Whitmore

    Susan is the most famous roving reporter on [[Sentinel Network News]]. Ever the professional and known for possessing an insightful mind and a habit for getting in deeper than would be wise, Susan can always be found chasing down the latest dramatic …

  • General Eric Faulkner

    General Faulkner is the commanding officer of all US military assets in [[Sentinel State]].
    Based at the [[Bracken Ridge Military Base]], the general oversees all operations in the area.
    Since the state has the largest concentration of super- …

  • Charles Childress

    Founder of [[Child's Play Toys]] and father to [[Edmund Childress]].
    Noted as a tough business negotiator with an uncanny ability to anticipate new trends and act on them, utilizing the right talent to ensure commercial success.

  • Johnny Orson

    Three-times Olympic gold medal winning short distance runner. Alter ego of [[Johnny Awesome]] of the [[Awesome Foursome]].

  • R 10

    R-10 is the alphanumeric designation of [[Auton]], robot creation of [[The Quantum Mechanic]] and team member of the [[Awesome Foursome]].