Tag: Locations


  • OverWatch Tower

    This 58 storey building located centrally in [[Sentinel City]] and is the base of operations of the world's premier super-hero team [[OverWatch]].
    [[Occulus]], a former member of the [[Living Legends]] who was physically destroyed during the [[ …

  • Sentinel City

    Sentinel City is located on the Eastern seaboard of the USA. The city is the furthest location east in [[Sentinel State]] and is a major financial, trade and manufacturing center, not to mention one of the world's biggest tourist hotspots. Of course, it …

  • The Comics Cave

    The Comic's Cave is [[Sentinel City]]'s premier comicbook store. It is owned and operated by comic ├╝ber fan [[Quentin Cave]].
    The shop's interior decor is reminiscent of the old [[Legends Lair]], complete with fake rock walls, a 'computer desk' (the …

  • Orson Manor

    Orson Manor is the grand residence of the Orson family. The impressive estate has been payed for mainly from the lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals both Johnny and his sister secured when they were still Olympic champions.
    Since embarking on …

  • 1st National Bank

    The largest bank in [[Sentinel City | Sentinel City]]. Site of the heist conducted by [[:adder_man | Adder Man,]] [[:groundpounder | Ground Pounder]] and [[:shok_dok | Shok Dok]] during the events of [[The Pinocchio Effect | The Pinnochio Effect]].

  • Bulgravia

    Eastern European country and homeland of famed Olympic weight-lifter and secret member of the [[Awesome Foursome | Awesome Foursome]], [[Hot Rock | Sergey Borislav.]]