Tag: Items


  • Brikka Bloks

    Brikka Bloks™ are plastic toy construction bricks manufactured by [[Sentinel City]]'s leading toy manufacturer, [[Child's Play Toys]].

  • Awe Cycle

    The 'Awe Cycle' is the aptly named vehicle that's the transport of choice for the [[Awesome Foursome]].
    The name of the vehicle is misleading. The 'Cycle' is in fact a gyro-propelled four man vehicle with a pilot interface for the team's robotic …

  • spartanium

    Rare metal containing properties of extreme durability, temperature resistance whilst being lighter than most comparable metals.
    Spartanium garners it's name from the warriors of ancient Sparta whose properties it appears to possess.
    The metal …

  • Auton

    *Real Name:* [[R 10]]
    *Identity:* Public
    *Occupation:* Super-hero and assistant to [[Johnny Awesome]]
    *Base of Operations:* [[Orson Manor]]
    *Affiliation:* [[Awesome Foursome]]
    *Height:* Variable due to extending cable limbs …

  • R 10

    R-10 is the alphanumeric designation of [[Auton]], robot creation of [[The Quantum Mechanic]] and team member of the [[Awesome Foursome]].

  • void-suit

    Power armour capable of rendering itself invisible to all known wavelengths of light. Created and utilised by [[The Quantum Mechanic | The Quantum Mechanic]] during the events of [[Eclipse War | The Eclipse War]].