Shok Dok

Former documentary film-maker turned electricity-wielding wise cracking criminal.


Real Name: Dr. Barry Clemence
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Electrical engineer, documentary film maker, criminal
Base of Operations: Mobile
Affiliation: The Criminal Web
Height: 6’
Eyes: White (blue)
Hair: Blue (brown)
Weight: 130 lbs

Score 10 14 14 14 10 10
Mod +0 +2 +2 +2 +0 +0
Mod +8‡/2 +2 +8 +0

Skills: Computers +2 (+0) Concentration +4, Notice +4, Profession (engineer) +2 (+4), Stealth +4 (+8)

Feats: vasion, Improved Critical (Electrical Blast), Improved Initiative, Precise Shot

Powers: Electrical Control 12 (electricity, Electrical Blast 12, Power Feat: Machine Control [control machines remotely using Electrical Control at range]; Alternate Powers: Confuse 12; Drain Electricity 8, Extras: Affects Objects, Range 1; Electrical Aura 6, Extras: Duration 2, Aura), Super-Senses 4 [Detect electricity], acute, extended range [100 ft. range], Immunity 15 (Immune to electrical damage and electrical effects); Absorption 6 (electrical energy; Power Feat: Slow Fade 3 [20 minutes]; Extras: Energy Storage [store up to a maximum 80 energy points worth of energy], Power Magnet [gain 16 power points]; Flaws: Limited [electrical energy only]), Flight 3, (Flaws: Platform [electrical, 50 MPH]), Force Field 8‡, Power Feats: Selective; Extras: Duration (Continuous), Impervious

Combat: Attack +8, Grapple +8, Damage +2 (unarmed), +12 (Electrical Blast), Defense +8, Knockback -9, Initiative +6

Abilities 12 + Skills 4 + Feats 4 + Powers 92 + Combat 32 + Saves 6 = Total 150


Barry Clemence graduated at the top of his class at Sentinel State University majoring in electrical engineering. His academic success soon led to financial success when he marketed a new, highly efficient electrical generator that he’d personally designed. The E-LOC Generator as it was called thereafter, was a triumph in low-carbon technological innovation and soon saw rapid deployment across the world, garnering it’s creator celebrity status and all the riches that accompanied it.
However, with the tremendous success came an unhealthy interest in the generators’ potential as a capacitor to power a weapon of mass destruction. A secret military operation in a rogue middle-eastern state with the goal of harnessing the E-LOC’s power for such a purpose came to Dr. Clemence’s attention. Deciding to personally investigate further, the doctor hired a small film crew and headed to the country in question, eager to expose the threat being posed directly to US interests.
Using the expensive mass-teleportation talents of the shadowy superbeing known as ‘Trespass’, Dr. Clemence managed to enter and leave the secret military installation at will, compiling video documentary evidence that his device was being used for ill.
The doctor soon discovered that the E-LOC Generator was being reverse engineered to power the drive and weapon systems of huge cybernetic organisms called Tek-Men. These 32 foot tall robots had the human brain tissue from terrorist volunteers hard-wired into their memory cores.
After posting his resulting video documentaries to the internet in order to raise awareness around the world, Dr. Clemence was captured during his next visit to the Tek-Men installation. It appeared ‘Trespass’ had found the rival offer to kidnap Clemence from the installations’ owner too tempting an offer. The duplicitous teleporter dropped the unsuspecting Clemence right into his enemies’ hands. The doctor’s brain was soon the subject of an incredibly invasive procedure. His captors had designed a device that, it was thought, could delve deep into an enemies mind in order to learn their deepest secrets. Hooking the ‘Memory Miner’ imbedded in the doctor’s skull to an E-LOC Generator, the captors waited eagerly to learn more from Clemence.
What happened after the ‘Memory Miner’ was activated was quite unexpected. A surge of electricity flowed through Barry’s body, and through the mind device, altered the way electrical activity acted in his brain. The brain became a capacitor for lethal amounts of electricity causing Barry only a slight tingling sensation. With several powerful blasts of energy, Clemence was free.
An unfortunate consequence of the massive spike in electrical activity in his brain led to Barry losing all but the most basic memories of who he was and a severe personality change ensued.
What was Dr. Clemence became absorbed by the personality known as Shok Dok. The once brilliant doctor became nothing more than a professional crook, using his powers to gain wealth and to torment innocents.
Recently Shok Dok was secretly hired by the organization known as the Criminal Web to steal an important item kept in the vaults of the 1st National Bank in Sentinel City. Due to the timely intervention of an OverWatch Mission group, Shok Dok and his accomplices Adder Man and Groundpounder were stopped in their tracks, arrested and sent to the ‘Big Freeze’, Sentinel City’s cryogenic penitentiary for super-powered criminals.

Shok Dok

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