US military experiment gone awry. Possesses incredible strength, durability and pneumatic gloves for burrowing!


Real Name: Dallas Crowe
Identity: Public
Occupation: Mercenary, criminal
Base of Operations: Mobile
Affiliation: The Criminal Web
Height: 8’ 6’”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 4.5 tons

Score 38 12 20 8 10 10
Mod +14 +1 +5 -1 +0 +0
Mod +12‡/5 +10 +6 +5

Skills: Concentration +10, Intimidation +8 (+10), Notice +2, Stealth -3

Feats: Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Throwing Mastery +1

Powers: Device 1 (pneumatic gloves; hard to lose; Burrowing 5, 25 MPH; ), Device 1 (goggles; easy to lose; Super-Senses 5 ([Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Low-light Vision]), Growth 4 (Extras: Continuous; Flaws: Permanent; +5 STR carrying capacity), Density 10 (Extras: Continuous; Flaws: Permanent), (Protection 7; Impervious 7‡), Immovable 6 [Extras: Unstoppable]), Super-Strength 6 (Heavy load 200 tons; Power Feats: Groundstrike; 140 ft. radius), Enhanced Constitution 6, Immunities 1 (falling damage), Impervious Toughness 5‡, Strike 12 (Extras: Penetrating), Leaping 1 (long jump distance 56 ft.)

Combat: Attack +7, Grapple +28, Damage +12 (unarmed), +12 (Strike), Defense +7, Knockback -22, Initiative +1

Abilities 0 + Skills 5 + Feats 3 + Powers 109 + Combat 18 + Saves 15 = Total 150


Dallas Crowe was always a big for his age. Growing up on a farm in a sleep town in Iowa, Dallas’s physical brawn came in handy.
But the boy craved more adventure from life than his father’s farmstead could provide. Being the size he was, it seemed only natural to use it to his advantage in social situations. Becoming something of a bully at his school came naturally to him.
After years or terrorizing the kids in his neighbourhood, Dallas was finally caught red handed during one of his teenage tirades. Parents of children whose lives he’d made a misery, managed to capture Crowe on tape in the act of almost drowning a younger boy in a nearby river. Dallas was arrested and later incarcerated in a juvenile detention center as a consequence of his actions.
Inside, Dallas met his match with a tough former sergeant in the US Army turned detention warden. The ‘serg’ as the young offenders called him, would brook no insolence from his charges and soon Dallas grew to admire the fear the warden created in the boys. The ‘serg’ likewise recognized a similar talent lurking in Crowe and began mentoring him at night.
With a newfound appreciation for authority and the benefits gained from wielding it, Dallas signed up for the US military no sooner had he finished his sentence in the detention center. Dallas was in his natural element, learning new and efficient ways to inflict violence upon others.
When the chance came to volunteer for a new secret military experiment codenamed ‘Project: Undermine’, Dallas eagerly signed up. Using stolen research from Dr. Eugene Xander, the mad geneticist, the experiment was designed to transform ordinary soldiers into controllable monstrous hulks. Possessing immense strength it was hoped these ‘super soldiers’ would level the playing field between mere mortals and supers.
The project certainly succeeded in turning Dallas into a hulking 8 foot version of himself. Pneumatic gloves were fixed cybernetically to his hands and the first test was set: to burrow through layers of concrete as quickly as possible. Dallas burrowed straight through the eight foot thick wall of concrete in half a minute!
Trouble was, he kept going. And going. And going, until he broke out of the military bunker he was in and escaped, free of any constraints and holding the power to do some real damage.

It been several years since Dallas broke out of that military bunker. Hiring himself out as a mercenary around the world has linked him to some of the biggest criminal operations in the world including the mysterious Criminal Web.
During his last criminal enterprise, the heist of the first national bank in Sentinel City, Dallas, now called Groundpounder met his match in a team from OverWatch. Along with his accomplices Adder Man and Shok Dok, Groundpounder was arrested and incarcerated in the city’s cryogenic penitentiary for super-villains: the ‘Big Freeze’.


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