Adder Man

Treasure hunter afflicted by the 'Curse of Set'. Has poisonous fangs and can elongate torso into deadly constricting coils.


Real Name: Burt Freeman
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Treasure hunter, criminal
Base of Operations: Mobile
Affiliation: The Criminal Web
Height: 6’
Eyes: Green
Hair: None
Weight: 180 lbs

Score 26 26 26 12 16 10
Mod +8 +8 +8 +1 +3 +0
Mod +10 +8 +10 +3

Skills: Climb +1 (+9), Concentration +9 (+12), Escape Artist +4 (+22), Knowledge (history) +1 (+2), Notice +4 (+7), Search +1 (+2), Stealth +4 (+12)

Feats: Elusive Target, Evasion, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple

Powers: Drain Constitution 12 (Poisonous Fangs; Extras: Poison; Power Feat: Slow Fade 10 rounds), Elongation 10 (Range increment 5,000 feet; Alternate Powers: Super-Movement 2 [slithering, wall-crawling]; Snare 6 [Engulf]), Enhanced Dexterity 8, Enhanced Constitution 8, Enhanced Strength 8, Immunity (poison)

Combat: Attack +8, Grapple +26, Damage +8 (unarmed), +12 (Poisonous Fangs), Defense +10, Knockback -6, Initiative +8

Abilities 32 + Skills 6 + Feats 5 + Powers 67 + Combat 36 + Saves 4 = Total 150


Burt Freeman was an unscrupulous treasure hunter whose illustrious career started out in the mid 1920’s.
Enjoying a jet-setting lifestyle, Freeman mixed with the rich and infamous, stealing ancient relics by day and playing the part of international playboy by night.
It was during one of these escapades in Egypt that Burt’s life changed forever. After beating his rivals to the ‘Temple of Set’, buried deep in the sands near Giza, the tomb robber was about to claim his most valuable prize yet: the ‘Necklace of the Golden Asp’. As the greedy thief took the necklace and placed it around his neck, the adornment began pulsing with ancient power, pulling tight around his neck. His skin began to take on a scaly texture and his teeth grew into poisonous fangs. Most disconcertingly though, Burt found that his torso took on an almost elastic quality, allowing him to stretch and slither about with ease.
A black shadowy serpent formed before him telling him that he was now a minion of the God of Serpents. Any treasures he would encounter in future travels must be given in tribute to set. The penalty for ignoring this divine quest would be vulnerability to his own poison, leading to death. Nervously accepting his fate, Burt Freeman stepped from the temple that day and set about his never-ending task to appease his serpentine master.

Recently, Adder Man, the moniker Burt now goes by, was arrested by members of OverWatch during a failed bank heist. Along with his fellow would-be-robbers, Shok Dok and Groundpounder, Adder Man was incarcerated in the Sentinel State Cryogenic Penitentiary known colloquially as the ‘Big Freeze’.

Adder Man

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