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Welcome to OverWatch Tower citizen.
I am Occulus formerly of OverWatch, a sworn guardian of Sentinel City.

Ten years ago my body was destroyed in the Eclipse War. Thanks to my loyal companions, my personality and all that was left of my broken form was saved and transferred digitally into the memory core of the Tower you now stand in.
Now, I reside here, advising, mentoring and aiding the new generation of OverWatch team members in their struggle to keep their city and the world’s inhabitants free from those that seek to usurp power for themselves."
Satellites and communications networks are my eyes and ears. I can extend my senses far beyond those of mortal men. But, there are places I cannot see or hear and for that, dear citizen, I must rely on you.
Contained within these datafiles, you’ll find information on OverWatch, their enemies, Sentinel City, it’s history, major events, organizations and prominent personalities. Feel free to browse. You have been granted priority access by the current WatchMaster.
Be vigilant citizen. The time to defend the city against those whose souls grow darker with every passing moment is upon us.

Sentinel City needs you.

Hi there.

That was a cursory introduction to the OverWatch Campaign for Mutants & Masterminds, a series of adventures set in an alternate present day Earth, focused in and around the fictitious locale of Sentinel City.

Players take on the dual roles of members of the city’s premier superhero organization, OverWatch and pupils hoping to become the heroes of tomorrow from the APEX Institute (Adolescent Power EXperiment).

The style of the campaign lies firmly in the ‘Silver Age’, with monologuing villains, bold heroic actions and four-colour spandex adding to the flavour.

If you’re a player of the campaign or just a curious visitor, feel free to take a look at the Main Wiki Page, Adventure Log and NPC Tracker sections for more on the campaign. I’ll be adding more to these areas in the days ahead.

Thanks for stopping by and happy OverWatchin’!.